Healing is a Blessing by Bambi

“Dear Master Zhao and Sharon,

My sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing and for giving life energy back into my sick body.

I now have the chance to live life free from the pain and experience it with a more positive mindset as I find my way to being happy.

Forever Grateful,

Bambi ”

My first session with Master Zhao was on June 2, 2017. Six month before, I had just finished treatment for stage 3B breast cancer. I still felt weak and had constant pain on my armpits/lymph nodes, site of surgery, left arm, left knee & occasional pain on my right ovary.

After the first 2 sessions, I was relieved of the pain on the different parts of my body and gained flexibility on my left arm. Cheeks flushed and dark circles on my eyes lightened, I felt full of energy vibration and an increased sense of well-being. Waves of energy were flowing down my chest.

The following 7 sessions, I would experience different things in each treatment.

All sessions

  • Energy flowing out of my arms.
  • Coldness on hands – especially fingertips.

3rd session

  • Cried during this session.
  • Worked on left back pain point.

4th session

  • Stubborn itch at a specific point on left arm.
  • Sensation of many bites on left arm.

5th session

  • Wave of energy flowing like a river on left side of body.
  • Felt parts of my body vibrating.
  • Persistent itch on the center of left palm & foot.

6th session

  • Worked on left kidney.
  • Pain under left knee gone.

7th session

  • Left leg pains moving down & eventually gone.
  • Gurgling sound on right side of digestive system.
  • Crawling sensations on left arm.

With each session, I’ve gained advices to reflect upon:

Be happy, even though things are not in a perfect state. Don’t worry. Value and talk to your body.

Find meaning from work. The past is part of your rich experience.

Have more: Contentment – Gratitude – Positivity – Perspective

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