Reflection and Hope

By Sharon C.

This November I had the pleasure of joining Master Zhao and Shimu at the MZI’s first Informatic Rehabilitation QiGong class in SuZhou, China, facilitating with the registration and books selling. While I was working at the registration desk helping with checking-in and class notes distribution, the hallway was filled with new students’ excitement and curiosity. I also noticed several children, or young adults as my children would prefer, enrolling in the class. As a mother of two teenagers, my children are a big part of my motivation in this Informatic Rehabilitation journey, and I’m often contemplating the right moment to expand my own Informatic QiGong practice into a whole family tradition.

As I was working outside of the classroom, from time to time I would peek in and watch the audience become captivated by Master Zhao. Meanwhile I couldn’t help reflecting back on my own introduction class experience.Back in May, 2010, I embarked on my Informatic Rehabilitation journey. At the time I attended the class with much trepidation, fearing that I wouldn’t be able to feel or react to any qi. In the beginning I was nervous and timid, I was obsessed with the techniques and the right postures. One of the classmates shared that in his practice he felt waves of energy flooding over him and his body rhythmically swayed in motions. I was very impressed but at the same time I felt frustrated with my own lack of progress. Even during the activation of Lao Gong, I was so unsure I raised my hand and asked for Master Zhao’s help. Despite my self-doubt and uncertainty, Master Zhao patiently guided me through every step, just as he emphatically told the roomful of students in Suzhou that he would not give up on any student. I marveled when the tingling sensation started spreading in my palms Lao Gong points, and the warmth started flowing and building around my Dan Tien. Very soon I saw the same sparkles and wonder appeared on QiGong students’ faces.. It was refreshing to see the children, without any inhibitions, excitedly sharing with each other the wonderful sensations they felt on their palms after the CaiQi, qi exchange exercise with pine needles plants. One father who was observing outside the door next to me, pointed out a boy with his head tilted to one side, eyes slightly closed, the boy’s face had the most gentle and content expression. We smiled at each other knowingly. He was deeply immersed in his personal “cloud nine” or “pure joy” moment. A feeling of tranquility and freedom from the shackles of the expectations of today’s society. The type of moment that you would want your children to explore and experience; especially when the world becomes too complicated or confusing. An assurance they could always return to DanTien and reconnect with the upward spiraling Qi anytime, anywhere.

During the break I met the father and daughter who travelled from Hyderabad, India to Suzhou. The young lady was about the same age as my younger son. She told me her mother had taking the same class with Master Zhao in California over the summer. After witnessing first hand her mom’s incredible transformation, she knew she wanted to train with Master Zhao. When her mom practiced standing QiGong, she was in awe of the white aura emanating from her mom. I was especially excited by her enthusiasm to practice what she had learned in the class with her parents.

Over the years I have heard Master Zhao reiterating that the most important lesson of all, is to treat each other with respect and love. I often pondered if all my thoughts and actions originate from the source of love, and how encompassing that love could be. That November weekend in SuZhou Master Zhao’s infectious love manifested in every corner of the training center; it unveiled a wife’s selfless unyielding love for others, her tears streaming down her cheeks as the the result of Master Zhao unblocking her tear ducts awakening her self-love; it revealed the power of Informatics QiGong to a man who had tried self taught by studying Master Zhao’s autobiographical book without much prevail; it alleviated a Grandpa’s chronic pains and fatigue who was originally skeptical of QiGong; it embarked young boys on a road of empowerment and imagination; the list went on and on. But most importantly, it inspired a mother who often feared of leaving a worse world behind for her children that the Informatics QiGong transcends any divisions, embraces all faiths, conquers all fears, and ultimately gives hope.