Open Possibilities by Master

Report by Fabio R.

Photo | Suni J.

In June last year I attended the beginner class with Master Zhao. I immediately realized that I was being exposed to something entirely new, of a completely different quality than anything else I had experienced before, and in a completely new way.

The information I was receiving in the class did not seem to be coming through Master Zhao words or explanations, nor through my attempts at trying the exercises that were proposed. The teaching seemed to have been coming to me in a direct way. There was nothing that I had to do to “learn” anything.

I guess I had never met a Master in my life before.

I have been practicing Master Zhao’s qigong every day since, and I have come to the Institute every other month for treatment. My health seems to have improved enormously, and so has my understanding.

The energies that animate us, and that connect us to the universe around us have always been a great question for me.

I often wonder what to do with all that I have been learning. Maybe one day I will be a healer too, like many of Master Zhao’s students, or maybe qigong is coming to me for some other reason that I now don’t understand.

All I know now is that I need to learn more about qigong, I need to practice and become more sensitive to the ways the qi moves in my body and around me. And I need to be as close as I can to the source of this teaching.