Evolution of Qi

Report by Gareth F.

Photo | Sharon Z.

When I think back to my first experiences with Qigong, I realize an evolution is unfolding. In my mind, the first stage was Healing Qi. Without knowledge but taking an instinctive leap of faith, Master Zhao with kindness healed me. Thereafter my eyes opened to a world of information and energy that continues to unfold. My belief in the healing power of Qigong was so strong that I encouraged my mother, father, and sister to see Master Zhao, and all reaped the benefits of his presence, energy, and kindness.

After the Beginner Class, I practiced myself. It wasn’t long before I seemed to intuitively know when someone would call me before the phone rang. I could feel a toxic energy when breathing on planes and felt grateful that I could eliminate the bad Qi. And I could cultivate a warmth in my hands when practicing and move energy down my limbs. Immersed in regular practice I felt aligned with my purpose in life and was as happy as I’d ever been.

As the years went by and personal challenges arrived, my attention turned to the material world. But I never forgot the moments I call Blissful Qi during practice when an abundance of joy flowed. Or the moment Master Zhao touched my arm during a healing session and it felt like a bolt of electricity so strong that I couldn’t help but look up in awe and smile.

The feeling I describe as Lingering Qi is one of my favorites. Lying in bed, pushing the energy to my feet and waking up feeling like I’m floating as the energy tingles. Sitting down and moving energy to my hands or feet as the energy lingers is among the sensations that makes me feel most grateful.

As the evolution continues to unfold, I relish the day I am fully Conscious of Qi where my experiences are not restricted to periods practicing but instead I am attentive to Qi all the time. Embracing Qi amplifies my feelings of enlightment and gratitude, conscience and conscienciousness, kindness and giving. Being immersed in Qi and aware of it at all times is the greatest sensation.

I look forward to the continued evolution next month and thereafter.