Reactions and Thoughts from Students at MZI Advanced Class

Report by C.K.

As time goes by, students have learned more and more skills to emit Qi and control Qi. Despite different countries the students come from, they share the same excitement and happiness. Just as Love is universal, so is Qi.

Let us take a close look at what they have learned and how they feel about it. Here are some first-hand stories shared by students,

1. Previously I can only feel Qi flowing out from Yongquan and Laogong. However when I practice up-down-open-and-close today, I clearly feel there is something coming in and out from my head. It seems my Baihui has been open already.

2. Master Zhao has taught us how to emit Qi by Laogong and fingers but I am not sure if I do it correctly or successfully. Something seems to be there but so little that I have doubts. However, my partner can feel the Qi emitted by my hand strongly and I can feel hers as well. Then I know we are both successful. It is amazing that we can learn so many things in such a short time.

I have learned many alternative medicine form such as reiki and meditation before. But it is the teacher that makes informatics qigong different from others. I always believe higher virtue leads to stronger energy. Master Zhao’s great love, virtue, and ability brought the informatics qigong to a level that other qigong would never achieve.

4. Information synchronization is the one intriguing me most. I can feel energy from other space since I was very young. The experience is usually not pleasant and I cannot control at all. Now I know it is the information synchronization that bridges me and other energy. The advanced class teaches me how to control over it.

5. Before the class, I have insomnia for a while and my hand skin is peeling off. Surprisingly, I felt so much Qi in the class and slept very well after class.

6. I am very grateful that Mater Zhao is in US and teaches us in this advanced class. If he is in China or Asia, likely we will never have the chance. I feel exciting and happy from everyday learning during the class. I also appreciate Edward’s translation very much. He uses simple words to convey rich concept. It is so vivid that I can understand it easily.

7. Before attending this class, I did not set expectation and just try to keep open mind. Master Zhao is a very good teacher. He starts from theory and his experience and then goes to real practice. From his step by step guidance, I feel I can learn it all and well.

8. The Interstitium theory catches my attention from the first day. I am a student major in Chinese medicine and very happy to hear that there is more and more lab evidences in Western experiment to support the existence of meridian. It also surprises me that Master Zhao teaches interstitium in his class and explained how it works. That told me immediately the class is not a conventional QiGong class you can find in streets.