My eczema is in control

Report by Jameson H.

Discovering qigong in my life happened without me looking for it. This is why I consider Master Zhao and informatics qigong to be a blessing. When I first encountered informatics qigong, like any beginner, I was skeptical of its effects and how it could help me live my best possible life. A very important and physical moment happened after a few treatments from Master Zhao that made me believe in his love and blessing wholeheartedly. Before qigong, my nose was literally crooked and would point to the right. This affected my breathing, I would snore a lot at night, and it made me self conscious about my looks. One day I looked in the mirror and received the biggest shock, my nose was pointing straight! I couldn’t believe it and devoted that I would learn qigong to better my life and others around me.

Over time and through lots of practice, qigong has improved my health from problems that I didn’t think would be curable. There was a point in my life where eczema was ruining my quality of sleep and my overall comfort of being in my own skin. I would scratch so much from being itchy that I would break skin and then be in pain from having numerous open wounds. I received a couple of treatments from Master Zhao and each time I went, my skin would feel better. Fast forward a year later after lots of practice, my skin is a million times better and my eczema is in control. I never thought it would be possible because I had tried every possible Western medicine available and nothing ever worked long-term.

Discovering informatics qigong and Master Zhao has been the ultimate blessing to my well-being. I hope to learn advanced qigong so that I can spread the love of health and wellness to my community and the people I love. Thank you!!!