My Master, My Miracle, My Path

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2017 was a dramatic year for me. I had to experience life and death so closely for the first time with my dad. It made me so grateful for what I have in life now: health and happiness.

In my memory, dad has always been this tough healthy man. Nothing can knock him down. Summer 2017, he got admitted into ICU because of pneumonia. It later on developed into kidney failure. He could barely talk and looked so weak. I thought I was losing him for real this time. Every time I asked the doctor, how dad was doing, his answer had always been:” One day at a time.”

I felt helpless. I turned to use any kind of energy healing I could think of to try to help him recover: crystal, mantra chanting, tibet singing bowl, used little bit of qigong I have learnt from when I was a little kid. Whatever I could think of, I tried. A voice came to my mind so many times :” You need a real good teacher! You are a healer!”

I googled, I searched, started to look at Reiki training courses, asked my kundalini yoga master for alternative healing methods. It was just a helpless path, nothing could happen soon enough to save my dad.

One day I grabbed the only Chinese book at home and brought it to the hospital for my dad to read. It happened to be Master Zhao’s Book. All of a sudden, I felt that I found answer. Only Master Zhao could save my dad! Master Zhao was the teacher I had been seeking for. The challenge was: how could I get my dad to him? He was all wired up in the hospital. I knew only if I could get him to Master Zhao, that he could be saved.

Love, guided and protected. Love, was the power. Miracle happened. Master Zhao appeared at the hospital a couple of days after I gave my dad the book. He said I was so determined to have him heal my dad, I had led him into the hospital, with mind power. He was staying as the same floor as my dad!

Despite of being weak and sick at that moment, Master Zhao started immediate healing on my exhausted body and my burnt-out mind. He looked me into my eyes and said:”You need to be my student!”

That moment I knew: this was the Master I had been seeking for! This was my path to became a real healer.

He asked Mr. Liu Liqun, one of his top students, to work with my Dad right away. The next day, dad was able to get off the hospital bed and start practicing Tai-chi right away.

1 year after, after sections of in-clinic healing with Master Zhao, Dad became my lively energetic tough healthy dad again! He had been completely off dialysis. I have been so blessed and grateful for having Master Zhao at the most helpless time of my life. Master Zhao repeatedly told me:” Only love can heal! Your love saved your dad.”

Every time I saw Master Zhao and Mrs. Sharon Zhao, they have always asked about dad’s progress. It felt so warm. It felt like family.

I, gratefully become a student of Master Zhao in 2017, my dad too. Who said it was a bad year? It was challenging but it turned out to be the best thing happened in life. Here I am, in 2018, honorably got accepted into the advanced class, training, learning, continuing to progress.

My path has became ever so clear to me now: To became a great healer, to help people in need, to love unconditionally, without boundary, to become just like Master Zhao.

Thank you Master Zhao and Mrs. Sharon Zhao.

Full heartedly, with love and gratitudes.


(Below sketch was done a day before my dad got into the hospital, not knowing he was going to fight for life and death the next day. I wrote on the sketch:” what if tomorrow never comes…”

Sometimes, messages come to us and we should always listen…)