That meditative moment

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What calms your mind?

Maybe eating that soul food?

Maybe walking that beautiful park?

To me, I calm my mind:

By painting

By playing piano

By knotting my 108-beads-mala

By running in the wild

By yoga

By breathing in

By breathing out

After all, it is all about finding that quietness in between breathes, connecting with your inner zen.

That’s pre- Master Zhao.

After having taken my intro Qigong Class with Master Zhao, that space of quietness became so much more obtainable.

When I practiced Qigong in my childhood, it was very challenging. For a 12-yr-old to sit still for hours was unimaginable. At the same time, to visualize spring water running in the mountain and Qi moving in the body, it was beyond this poor little kid’s ability. I had to squeeze the eye balls so hard to get a tiny glance of that vision. Yet I felt little connection or movement of my Qi. It was more of finding frustration than finding peace. Again, that was back then when I was a little kid. Monkey body, monkey mind!

It is very different with Master Zhao’s Qigong Practice. It is easy and straight forward. I let go and I allow my inner energy to take over. The rest is joy. I have been able to achieve my inner peace so much easier.

That moment I stand under the tree, I set everything free. Here is when my Qi moves from within, then simultaneously moves my physical body. It moves my arms, hands, legs and torso in a fashion that represents circular wave of Tai-chi. It moves the body with synchronized ying-yang balance movements. The sequence of the movements naturally counter pose the left and right, the in and out, the counter clock and reverse counter clock. It was so fascinating without any control from the mind.

The quietness connects the inner Qi movements and the outer physical movements at the same time. Only when you remain quiet in your mind, that your Qi can be focused and be strong enough to move your body.

Quietness, within movement. The highest status of meditation. To be able to connect from within. To obtain calmness through flow. To stay quiet, while moving, regardless of the surrounding.

I was amazed by how Qigong works the meditative magic to my mind. My mind remains so quiet and empty every time i practice. Yet that quietness exists in movements. It is almost the same way yoga works our mind. Yoga was all about connecting breath with movements. It is all about connecting breath with inner self. The purpose, was to find that quietness.

Qigong, helps us achieve that inner peace, by letting free of our physical body, allow Qi to flow, allow mind to settle. It is the type of quietness exists in between movements.

The rest of the world, after all, is just an outsider.

I have always remember what my Buddhism teacher Ajahn Bhram said: ” it is not the sound that disturbed you, it is you, who disturbed the sound.”

Light to all.

Love to all. ❤️

Quietness to all.