MZI Events (活動) – September (9月) 2018

MZI Annual Picnic (Tsai Qi & Potluck) on Sunday, Sept 2, 2018

Nearly 200 MZI alumni and friends gathered again for this joyous once a year event for some delicious BBQ and Tsai Qi.

年度MZI 采气 与 BBQ 近200位各届学员与家属同聚一堂的盛会已完满结束!

Video produced by (视频制作) Alan Huang

Taipei (台北) Tsai Qi (采气)

MZI alumni of Taipei gathers for Tsai Qi and art exhibit.


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Hong Kong (香港) Tsai Qi (采气)

MZI Hong Kong alumni group practice


MZI Introductory Qigong Workshop

On the weekend of September 15, Master Zhao Xue Zhong once again has taught 37 new students how to practice Informatics Qigong. Special thanks to the 2014 Advanced Qigong classmates and member of the TA team for their assistance.


New students learns how to expel bad qi


New students experiencing collecting qi from plants


New Informatics Qigong Students graduated


September2018 Beginning Qigong Class Picture

MZI Group Practice September 29, 2018

New and old Beginning Qigong students join in a group practice to share experiences and questions.


MZI Review Class September 29 2018
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