My incredible journey for healing allergy

Report by Trinh J.

I have always felt it is possible to heal the body from within naturally and spiritually, but never knew how this could be done.  For most of my life I have been living with severe chronic allergies to just about most things in the air.  The allergy test confirmed I am allergic to all pollens and dust.  It is preferable that I not bore you out of your mind with a list of my uncomfortable, unbearable symptoms, so I will leave you with this one thought – I would not wish to this situation on my worst enemy.

The forever optimist that I am,  it does not make sense to just give up without at least trying a few methods to help make living each day a little easier.  I have tried different prescribed allergy shots, medications, nasal sprays, acupuncture and herbs, in addition to any viable natural ways, such as, saline rinse, allergy tea, and facial mask; none provided any real potential.

There is no words to describe the excitement and hope that I felt when I heard about Master Zhao.  I automatically knew this was what I have been searching for all these years.  After a couple of months of anticipation, the day of my appointment finally arrived.  So unfamiliar, yet familiar – I felt comforted knowing there is no need for me to explain and try to make my condition understandable.  Master Zhao could see the causes whether I can describe them or not.

I did not know what to expect for results, but after a couple of sessions, I find myself able to smell all the different scents of which I have not had the pleasure to appreciate for so many years.  Not only that, five years later, I feel I am at least 50% better and the symptoms are more mild and tolerable.

Because of this experience, I hope to be able to help someone, even if it is simply one person, to find relieve, hope, to live life a little better, is more than what an optimist can wish for.