Qi Healing in the Time of Social Distancing

Article | Gareth F.

Oh my God, it’s a miracle. It’s a miracle.” The words spontaneously came out of my mouth during a remote healing session with Master Zhao.

The background of how I arrived at that point was more gloomy. I had been suffering with an unpleasant sensation in my abdomen for some time that I could best describe as a ‘tightness’ which sparked a sharp pain when touched. What was wrong? I didn’t know but had been expelling Qi as best as I could before contacting Master Zhao.

As the months went by with little progress, I reluctantly asked for Master Zhao’s help as I don’t like to ‘intrude’ on his time. He has so many people who need him but thankfully he could see me.

While Master Zhao had treated me previously in the office, this would be my first remote healing session with him. Within seconds of the phone call starting, I felt his Qi, almost like a cloud of raindrops, descend on me. It didn’t take long before he was diagnosing my health issues.

I had an inkling about some other health concerns but I wasn’t sure exactly sure. In a matter of minutes, Master Zhao had clearly and with certainty identified all of the issues and more. He started to heal me and within just a few minutes the ‘bad’ Qi was leaving my body; my feet were icy cold and for the first time in a long time my stomach felt light again.

After another couple of sessions, the sharp pain had vanished. A smile returned to my face, I could lift my baby up without pain and I was feeling on top of the world… except for one lingering concern.

On the first phone call, Master Zhao had diagnosed an issue in my head that led to eye pressure and what I could only best describe as a feeling of brain inflammation. The sensations had been subtle but undoubtedly they were there.  Certain health issues naturally cause more concern than others, and I couldn’t help but worry. Master Zhao suggested to see an eye doctor but during the coronavirus period with everything in lockdown no appointments were available for many many months. I asked for his help.

The feeling of gratitude sweeps over me again writing this as it did at the time when he answered “yes”, he would help me. The brain is delicate but I just “knew” that Master Zhao could help.

During the next remote healing session, I could feel his Qi around my eye, in the back of my head, and then Sharon asked, do you feel less pressure, and I spontaneously burst forth with the words: “Oh my God, it’s a miracle. It’s a miracle.”

The right side of my head didn’t feel as heavy. I felt less pressure. The waves of gratitude swept over me. One more session Master Zhao said was all that’s needed and all I could think about was how miraculous his healing abilities are. It is hard to put into words the feeling of receiving health back when it seems like it may be lost forever. How lucky am I to grow up the other side of the world but find Master Zhao and Sharon!

As I reflected further, I realized the best way to express my gratitude is to make permanent changes. The prescriptions Master Zhao gave me for better health I must adhere to forever more. Some say Master Zhao is Superman. But he is so much more. Although the limits of my faculties mean I see Master Zhao as a man, I am convinced he is Divine. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to know him and be healed by him.

Last but not least, my endless gratitude extends to Sharon without whom none of my experiences would be possible. Respectfully, I bow down to you both and extend loving Qi to you both now and always.