Qigong – My Path to Virtue (2)

The months following the Beginning Qigong class had profoundly given me powers of self healing. My lower spine healed along with my lower back. My character started to look more positively at the world and I distinctively worked out an anger issue I had with my manager at the time and gained their perspective while practicing Qigong. A facet of life to be self caring became a routine thought. Master Zhao used to jokingly said he’s brain washing you. But what he’s really doing was aligning people to the good energy into their daily life. He does this by being a positive example himself and constantly giving joy to people. And they do keep coming back for more because Master Zhao keeps giving these doggy bags of good Qi for you to take home with you – and for your loved ones. This is what he termed as giving good xinxi or good information. You might know it as love, good wishes and positive well being. These days, Master Zhao term this phenomenon as ‘changing your brain’. It’s very appropriate. Much like changing dirty clothes to clean clothes, Master Zhao sets your mind to the positive. This positive outlook gives you courage and compels you to be better. Solutions and problems are out there in life. Which direction we take is in our hands. I’m grateful my brain was “changed” by Master Zhao.

I took the Advanced Qigong class in 2002. I was grateful to get into the class because I really wanted to know how far this phenomenal “Rabbit Hole” goes. Despite being pretty poor with understanding spoken Chinese and barely speaking any at the time (I took the English syllabus), I’ve learned how to detect and send Qi. This is testament to Master Zhao as the best teacher I know. Without translation, I was able to receive the instruction from Master Zhao even as I understood maybe about 30% of the spoken instruction. You can say he had sent out the information, xinxi, whether spoken or otherwise for the students. Those of us fortunate enough to be in Advanced Qigong class were imbued with Master Zhao’s teaching just like this. The teacher gives while the student receives. I have to admit, this sounds incredulous since traditional learning requires understanding of information within a common language. In this case, just like being healed with Qi, there’s a power that goes beyond spoken words. It’s not merely understanding. It’s being given abilities.

I am a nerd and geek at heart. This means tech and sci-fi/fantasy entertainment is typically what I enjoyed. After learning how to send Qi to heal others, you could say I felt like a super hero. Indeed, Master Zhao often calls himself Superman and it’s not hard to understand why. I witnessed miraculous healings and recoveries from seeing how he took care of people. He had helped people recovered from depression to early stages of tumor growth being dissolved and saving failing kidneys for elderly patients. For me, the unexpected miracle was my nearly two decades of psoriasis. It’s gone! After a year of monthly visits to see Master Zhao for maintenance, I’ve noticed my psoriasis never came back. Sure, I have some discoloration where the wounds used to be, but touching it is smooth healthy skin. There’s no cure for psoriasis. Yet 8 years later, I’m still free of its ailments. Just this alone is reasons enough to say I cannot express ample gratitude towards Master Zhao.

And the good things just keeps coming. Years of helping people myself granted me a sense of real gratitude from people I’ve helped. There are no words to express what that feeling of genuine warmth is like. Not only that, I find myself grow with confidence as a person. It’s really an art form that changes and enriches you. I’ve experienced a deeper sympathy with people from their suffering to their wellbeing while healing them with Qi. There’s a connection we as human beings have that gets opened between the qigong healer and the patient. I have made many friends that otherwise would never be known to me. Master Zhao calls it synchronizing Xinxi (information) between people. When it’s good, my goodness, it’s quite powerful. Even just as a student of Master Zhao, I’ve helped people get well enough to skip gall bladder surgery, reduce harmful effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, reduce pain and inflammation in various parts of the body and to just relieving the common stuffy nose. Speaking of inflammation, I was recommended to a woman who had recently recovered from covid-19. While she was very lucky to have recovered, her lungs were not the same. She could not breath deeply without coughing. We worked slowly together over the phone and helped her expel bad Qi. Within 15 minutes, she was breathing deeply and normally. Even some of her body aches in the shoulders and back were relieved. Two weeks of consistent coughs and aches eliminated over a phone call!

Recently, I’ve been effective in prolonging Esophageal Dialation for a relative, a procedure where a balloon is inserted in a narrowed esophagus to stretch it open for normal swallowing. While the procedure is effective, his esophagus tends to return back to a narrow state where even swallowing saliva was difficult. He felt he could not last even two weeks while he’s scheduled for the procedure every three weeks. I did not know such a procedure existed until approached about it. Yet, after a few weeks of consistent treatments with Qi, the patient can drink liquids consistently now. We agreed to only schedule treatments when the problem arises again. It’s been about a month since last treatment. Upon seeing his improved condition from my Qiong treatments, his doctor now recommends the esophageal dilation every 4 weeks instead. These are all a real testament that Master Zhao’s Informatic Qigong is truly a wonder.

I’ve been consistently blessed since meeting Master Zhao and became one of his disciples. Among the numerous gifts I’ve received, there was one I never expected. Out of no where… no, I should say from giving and syncing with other’s xinxi (information), I’ve met someone who became the love of my life. It all started in Kaoshiung Taiwan where I went to meet the person I helped avoid gall bladder surgery. She was very appreciative and treated me to dinner. Kaoshiung is also where an old friend resided and given my limited time there, we decided to dine together. During dinner conversation, we talked about qigong healing of course. When this old friend heard about it, he recommended me to help his friend in Taipei. I jumped on the chance of course since this seems to be the thing I do now – healing people whenever and wherever. We’ve set up a meeting with this new patient. Another serendipitous thing happened. Another old friend wanted to meet in Taipei. So a meeting was made between all of us. Fortune would have it, this old friend has a nice place for us nearby to hang out after dinner and it turned out to be a great place to do qigong. And so I did healing for them in a nice apartment. The effects were all great. But for the special lady I just met, it was more than great. It turned out, we were connecting. When we shared a trip in the subway, I’ve noticed her talking really enthusiastically to me. I was excited too but had this doctor-patient thing where I thought I really did an exceptional job. A couple of days later, I received a really long text from her describing changes in attitude with people and surroundings about her. Well, I thought. I really did a good job. It wasn’t until she decided to fly to the US to attend a Beginning Qigong class that my cluelessness was cleared. You could say that I had overplayed a facade and was defeated by real love. I could not really explain all of it. Sometimes good xinxi being present is enough. We’ve decided to get together and travelled to new places and got really acquainted. I’m pretty sure there’s something divine directing my life towards this point thanks to Master Zhao and his wife Sharon always supporting and guiding me.

And so, I pledge my everlasting gratitude to Master Zhao and Sharon for always wanting the best for me and pushing me along to manifest excellence and happiness. You were truly my spiritual father and mother. It has been a wondrous 18 years.