Mary’s remote healing experiences

I am a lady in her mid-sixties who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease eleven years ago now. Indeed, it was Master Zhao who first indicated to me that the issues I had fifteen years ago when we met face to face were emanating from my head rather than from my left leg, where I had a slight tremor/shake.

Candidly, I am not sure I believed him at the time. It seemed too much of a stretch to believe that an issue in my leg was in fact neurological.

As time passed by, it became clear that Master Zhao had correctly diagnosed the true source of my condition through his Informatics Qigong. I am grateful that Master Zhao allowed me to attend his Beginner Qigong course back then. From what I learned there, I learned how to get rid of “bad Qi” and my aim remains to practice what he taught me for at least 10-15 minutes a day.

Fast forward to 2020, and my amazement at Master Zhao’s abilities continue. I have recently had several remote healing sessions with Master Zhao and Sharon over a two months period and have found them to be truly invaluable. I have learned that to get the very best from each session I lie down 15-20 mins before the session to quieten both my body and my mind. Also, I use ear phones so that I am not distracted by holding my mobile phone. So, when a session begins, I am lying down with the palms of my hands facing the ceiling (in my situation) and I try to empty my mind and be completely relaxed. Each session is unique. I experience each session differently which I understand is normal because Master Zhao is working on different things each time – sometimes removing bad Qi, sometimes healing me, and all the while moving energy through my body from half way around the world – it’s a genuine miracle.

Usually a few minutes into the session I feel some sensations in some part/s of my body – either a tingling sensation or a heat sensation or a feeling like a gentle breeze is blowing on a part of my body. These sensations can vary in intensity from very mild to very strong. Also on occasions these sensations can turn into a numbness. On one recent session I felt a huge surge of Qi hit the left side of my body and as I was about to say so to Sharon, Master Zhao simultaneously said to me, through Sharon, that I was receiving his Qi in that exact area and at that exact moment. When Master Zhao works on my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms, my head is his focus because Parkinson’s Disease is a brain disorder emanating in a small area in the center of the brain.

Sometimes I may have a headache or a feeling that my head is clogged up and after a session my head feels clear and calm becoming unclogged or the lurking headache goes away or both things, on occasions, may happen. Master Zhao always asks me what area I would like him to work on whether it is my Parkinson’s or a recent gallstone diagnosis or nausea or improving my heart or whatever is causing discomfort on the day. After each session I stay lying down for 10 to 15 mins to allow all the good Qi I’ve received throughout the session permeate throughout my body – and to permit the bad Qi to continue flowing out. Virtually without exception I feel hugely energized after each session to the point that on occasions I’ve wondered if my Parkinson’s Disease was gone!!! The sessions extend my capability’s to do things beyond the four hour medication deadline, indeed, on occasions I’ve forgotten to take my meds on time because of this. I can’t overemphasize how miraculous this is. Usually, like clockwork, I “power down” and need medication every 4 hours. Only with Master Zhao’s healing can I five/six hours out of my medication.

Perhaps, I should have mentioned earlier that I live over 5,000 miles from Master Zhao so to say his ability to diagnose my issues accurately, and heal me remotely from half way around the world with laser beam accuracy is miraculous and does not do justice to how extraordinary it truly is.

Because of my diagnosis, I am constantly dealing with Parkinson’s related issues however despite the number of years I’ve been diagnosed I am doing extremely well.

Not long ago I was on TV and nobody knew I had Parkinson’s. I believe my secret weapon is QiGong. When the Parkinson’s issues “act up” I immediately intensify my QiGong practice. So Master Zhao and Sharon, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the incredible gift of healing and self-healing you have given me. No words can truly capture my deep gratitude to you both.

This is the photo of Mary from her first ever fashion shoot at age of 17, the dress designed by the top Irish designer at that time, Ib Jorgensen