MZI Community Outreach Program

Good news Bay Area residents! MZI is offering a limited, free Qihealing trial service!

Established as a Qigong guided energy healing, or Qihealing, service center in Fremont, CA since the 90’s, Master Zhao Institute (MZI) is reaching out to the broader San Francisco Bay Area communities to offer its Qihealing service to a selected group of applicants who have a keen interest in learning about alternative healing methods for certain subpar health conditions. The initial target number of qualified applicants is 180.

The selected applicants will receive 5 hour-long Qihealing sessions within 2 weeks at MZI’s Fremont office by a designated intern who has received advanced training under the world renowned Qigong Master Zhao Xue Zhong. To collect feedback for future improvement, the applicants will be requested to participate in a general survey about the Qihealing experience after the 5th session.

Application is open to all residents in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area who have completed COVID-19 vaccination. The service is free, except an administrative fee of $200 upon enrollment. The administrative fee is waived for those who had attended MZI’s Introductory Informatics Qigong class within the last 12 months.

Bothered by some subpar health condition and have no one to turn to? Or simply curious about what Qihealing can do for you? No problem, just follow this link to apply and find out yourself.