MZI Community Outreach Program

Established as a Qigong guided energy healing (QiHealing) service center in Fremont, CA since the 90’s, Master Zhao Institute (MZI) is reaching out to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area communities to offer its QiHealing service to everyone, including MZI alumni and their friends and family, who has a keen interest in a complementary healing method.

QiHealing is contactless, painless, safe and has no side effects. Every patient will have a unique healing experience. For example, many patients have found reduction in pain, discomfort and stress after completing 5 sessions of treatment.

All qualified applicants will receive 5 QiHealing sessions within a 2-week period at MZI office by a designated intern therapist trained under MZI. Each session is scheduled for one hour. To collect feedback for future improvement, a general survey will be collected at the end of the last session.

Application is open to all residents in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area , except those with one or more special health conditions. Please follow this link for application terms and conditions as well as express your interest.