A return to the class

Author | Maiko L.

Photo | 小璆

On September 10, MZI has reopened its doors to the classroom for onsite students with its Introductory Qigong class. The return to the classroom also marked a new milestone for MZI with the simultaneous attendance of students from overseas on Zoom conferencing. Instructed by Sharon Zhao, the successor of Master Zhao, this new format opened the way to reach out to students near and far while providing transformative learning in the art of Informatics Qigong. Students were quickly imbued with qi during the class as they discover the latent energies laid within manifest itself in qi sensations. Whether within the classroom setting or via Zoom conferencing, the same information was passed from teacher to students.

The class room experience was something familiar and something new. While remote Introductory Qigong classroom has been a success in the past year, combining with an onsite class brought a new perspective to the learning process. Students overseas can see that they are getting the same value as the students who attended in person from the same instructions. Both online and onsite students gained knowledge from the same syllabus presented, live demo instructions given, videos shown, answers to questions asked and live video broadcast of fellow students across the ocean during the practice sessions. This class was one and the same separated by thousands of miles but connected by information via qi and technology. The success of this unique interactive class is promising in leading MZI to new horizons ahead.