Alleviating Dysphagia – swallowing difficulty

November 3, 2021

My name is Hilda Villalpando and for the past three years I have had gastrointestinal problems. The western medicine doctors did not have an inkling of how to treat my symptoms. I have sought other methods such as yoga classes to help alleviate the discomfort to which was proven unsuccessful. Another issue that arose in the past year was worsening dysphagia. The risk of choking became greater and hindered my ability to enjoy a normal life.

Several doctor appointments with different physicians and specialties to find out why I am having problems swallowing has proven unfruitful. I have had several tests such as swallowing various solutions while X-rays were taken as well as some highly viscous solutions that I was unable to swallow. One of the worst tests was an esophageal enlargement to help me swallow, but that too proved to be ineffective. I had accepted the fates of my daily discomforts.

Thankfully, I crossed paths with Ms. Judy. My health problems were quickly resolved after just one visit with Ms. Judy when she performed an over the phone session of “Qi.” I have heard and read of the benefits of Qi before, but I have always thought that it would be impossible for me to find an individual that had the knowledge and experience to successfully relieve me of my discomforts. After the second phone session, I could not believe how relieved I was. My relief grew with every Qi healing session. Not only did she teach me several daily exercises to help align the spine, but she also taught me how to relax and reduce my stress. The most surprising of my multiple sessions with Ms. Judy is that I could not believe how she knew exactly where my discomfort was located and how she was able to recognize my issues without any prior knowledge of my conditions. That coupled with immediately relaxation and symptom relief was truly astounding.

It has been more than three months since I have had my last session with Ms. Judy, and I cannot be more grateful. I continue to do my exercises daily, learned how to relax, and reduce my stress. I wish I have had the time to have more sessions to ensure my health problems and discomfort do not return.