2022 Advanced Class Impression (2022 年高級班課後感想)

文 | Debbie D.

圖 | Joyce H.


Dear Sharon, Shimu Laoshi, 💐

Thank you very much for the honor of taking the Advanced Informatics Therapeutic Qi Gong course. It was an absolutely wonderful and enlightening experience. I’m sure it was a challenge to arrange and administer, but was quite successful as a very organized, informative, empowering course. Your assistants were very helpful, encouraging, and right on top of their many contributions with daily smooth registration, conscientious Covid precautions, audio-visual set up, English interpretation, yummy gourmet snacks, patient answering of questions, and kind guidance of Qigong techniques. The assistants are also good role models for us as we work towards becoming more experienced Informatics Qi Gong practitioners.

I appreciated the way you weaved in the fascinating stories of both Master Zhao and yourself along with the Informatics Qi Gong concepts, meridians, acupuncture points, methods and practice. Your constant support and reassurances were very encouraging.

We were also very fortunate to have wonderful classmates who were supportive, positive, and worked very well together. I look forward to staying in touch and practicing with them under the capable captains of Larry, Kenny and Cliff.

We are also grateful for the time and effort of our proctors who helped nudge us to do our best and confidently with the exams.

I feel that I have exponentially gained in Informatics Qi Gong training through your gracious sharing of knowledge and the awesome positive energy provided by everyone on site.

I plan to do my best to continue to practice Informatics Qi Gong and make Master Zhao and you proud of our efforts as we bring healing to others, as well as keeping ourselves healthy.

Thank you so much for your inspiring leadership in carrying on Master Zhao’s legacy of healing and caring, and keeping his brilliant light and love alive for many of us to continue sharing. This is probably one of the best birthday gifts he could receive!

Best in Qi and Aloha,


非常感謝您, 我有幸參加高級信息學治療氣功課程。這絕對是一次美妙而有啟發性的經歷。我敢肯定,安排課程和管理是一個挑戰,這是一個非常有組織、信息豐富、授權的課程, 辦的非常成功。您的助教們都非常樂於助人,鼓舞人心,並且在他們的許多貢獻下,每天順利完成學生報到註冊,盡職盡責的做好Covid預防措施,視聽設置,英語翻譯,美味的糕點,耐心回答問題,以及氣功技巧的親切指導。在我們努力成為更有經驗的信息功練習者時,助教們也是我們的好榜樣。