Encountering Qi Through Master Zhao

On Thanksgiving day, we received the email from Mrs. Yen.
“Dear Master Zhao and Sharon

I am thinking of Master Zhao today because it is the day. I sincerely hope he is doing very well as before. This may be too much to ask for when we are all aging. At least I wish his days are peaceful and his family doing well. I reflect on those days we were seeing him so often for his care and I am grateful for our encounters. As expected, in our old age we have the challenges of medical issues and we are not as mobile. Still, I hope to drive up north to see him personally soon, please tell him to stay strong for all of us.

信息康復功(初級班)復習講評(2)Informatics Qigong Review Session Q&A (2)


我練坐功身體會震動得很厲害,動完以後覺得很舒服。 接下來我練站功,因為工作忙所以我晚上睡前練, 大概練半小時到一小時,我越練身體的震動就越來越厲害,一個禮拜之後我的全身肌肉緊繃,然後我的手會打我的身體,之後全身覺得很舒服。



MZI Events (活動) – September (9月) 2018

MZI Annual Picnic (Tsai Qi & Potluck) on Sunday, Sept 2, 2018
Nearly 200 MZI alumni and friends gathered again for this joyous once a year event for some delicious BBQ and Caiqi.

年度MZI 采气 与 BBQ 近200位各届学员与家属同聚一堂的盛会已完满结束!

My Master, My Miracle, My Path

2017 was a dramatic year for me. I had to experience life and death so closely for the first time with my dad. It made me so grateful for what I have in life now: health and happiness.

My eczema is in control

Discovering qigong in my life happened without me looking for it. This is why I consider Master Zhao and informatics qigong to be a blessing. When I first encountered informatics qigong, like any beginner, I was skeptical of its effects and how it could help me live my best possible life.

高級班后的一星期 (A week after the Advanced Class)

課業結束後, 連續兩天碰到不同的兩位朋友,剛好有時間幫他們順氣,按照大師教導的步驟 ,兩位友人都有感覺腳底涼涼地,像似有微風吹過, 也感覺些小的氣麻感從大腿往腳底流出。 哇, 當下,我真的超興奮的原地跳躍!我做到了!

Evolution of Qi

When I think back to my first experiences with Qigong, I realize an evolution is unfolding. In my mind, the first stage was Healing Qi. Without knowledge but taking an instinctive leap of faith, Master Zhao with kindness healed me. Thereafter my eyes opened to a world of information and energy that continues to unfold.

信息功高級班學生 《功效篇》

一年一度的高級班授課,又在緊鑼密鼓的籌備中,四十餘個學生,必須通過大師的層層測試和口試,從百餘人中脫頴而出, 真不是一件簡單的事,而參加了高級班的培訓,學會了發放外氣,學會了升降開合,到底是什麼呢? 學生們又是怎樣在生活中運用這些新的技能呢?