My incredible journey for healing allergy

I have always felt it is possible to heal the body from within naturally and spiritually, but never knew how this could be done.  For most of my life I have been living with severe chronic allergies to just about most things in the air.  The allergy test confirmed I am allergic to all pollens and dust. 

Encountering Qi Through Master Zhao

On Thanksgiving day, we received the email from Mrs. Yen.
“Dear Master Zhao and Sharon

I am thinking of Master Zhao today because it is the day. I sincerely hope he is doing very well as before. This may be too much to ask for when we are all aging. At least I wish his days are peaceful and his family doing well. I reflect on those days we were seeing him so often for his care and I am grateful for our encounters. As expected, in our old age we have the challenges of medical issues and we are not as mobile. Still, I hope to drive up north to see him personally soon, please tell him to stay strong for all of us.

信息康復功(初級班)復習講評(2)Informatics Qigong Review Session Q&A (2)


我練坐功身體會震動得很厲害,動完以後覺得很舒服。 接下來我練站功,因為工作忙所以我晚上睡前練, 大概練半小時到一小時,我越練身體的震動就越來越厲害,一個禮拜之後我的全身肌肉緊繃,然後我的手會打我的身體,之後全身覺得很舒服。



MZI Events (活動) – September (9月) 2018

MZI Annual Picnic (Tsai Qi & Potluck) on Sunday, Sept 2, 2018
Nearly 200 MZI alumni and friends gathered again for this joyous once a year event for some delicious BBQ and Caiqi.

年度MZI 采气 与 BBQ 近200位各届学员与家属同聚一堂的盛会已完满结束!

My Master, My Miracle, My Path

2017 was a dramatic year for me. I had to experience life and death so closely for the first time with my dad. It made me so grateful for what I have in life now: health and happiness.

My eczema is in control

Discovering qigong in my life happened without me looking for it. This is why I consider Master Zhao and informatics qigong to be a blessing. When I first encountered informatics qigong, like any beginner, I was skeptical of its effects and how it could help me live my best possible life.

高級班后的一星期 (A week after the Advanced Class)

課業結束後, 連續兩天碰到不同的兩位朋友,剛好有時間幫他們順氣,按照大師教導的步驟 ,兩位友人都有感覺腳底涼涼地,像似有微風吹過, 也感覺些小的氣麻感從大腿往腳底流出。 哇, 當下,我真的超興奮的原地跳躍!我做到了!