Mary’s remote healing experiences

I am a lady in her mid-sixties who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease eleven years ago now. Indeed, it was Master Zhao who first indicated to me that the issues I had fifteen years ago when we met face to face were emanating from my head rather than from my left leg, where I had a slight tremor/shake.

Qigong – My Path to Virtue (2)

The months following the Beginning Qigong class had profoundly given me powers of self healing. My lower spine healed along with my lower back. My character started to look more positively at the world and I distinctively worked out an anger issue I had with my manager at the time and gained their perspective while practicing Qigong. A facet of life to be self caring became a routine thought.

Qigong – My Path to Virtue (1)

18 years ago, I was working myself too hard at a fruit company that produced boxes with an external wire protruding from an end. Love it or hate it, you might have heard of it. It’s currently one of three coporations valued at over one trillion dollars: Apple.


Believe in Love 文 | 趙學忠 圖 | 趙學忠 、 Suni J. 愛有正能量 愛有心靈美 Love has positive energy Love is the beauty of soul

My incredible journey for healing allergy

I have always felt it is possible to heal the body from within naturally and spiritually, but never knew how this could be done.  For most of my life I have been living with severe chronic allergies to just about most things in the air.  The allergy test confirmed I am allergic to all pollens and dust. 

Encountering Qi Through Master Zhao

On Thanksgiving day, we received the email from Mrs. Yen.
“Dear Master Zhao and Sharon

I am thinking of Master Zhao today because it is the day. I sincerely hope he is doing very well as before. This may be too much to ask for when we are all aging. At least I wish his days are peaceful and his family doing well. I reflect on those days we were seeing him so often for his care and I am grateful for our encounters. As expected, in our old age we have the challenges of medical issues and we are not as mobile. Still, I hope to drive up north to see him personally soon, please tell him to stay strong for all of us.

信息康復功(初級班)復習講評(2)Informatics Qigong Review Session Q&A (2)


我練坐功身體會震動得很厲害,動完以後覺得很舒服。 接下來我練站功,因為工作忙所以我晚上睡前練, 大概練半小時到一小時,我越練身體的震動就越來越厲害,一個禮拜之後我的全身肌肉緊繃,然後我的手會打我的身體,之後全身覺得很舒服。