Mary’s remote healing experiences

I am a lady in her mid-sixties who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease eleven years ago now. Indeed, it was Master Zhao who first indicated to me that the issues I had fifteen years ago when we met face to face were emanating from my head rather than from my left leg, where I had a slight tremor/shake.


如许多人所知,趙學忠大師是位名聞中外,用信息氣功治病的現代神醫。大師具有特異功能,能透視人體診斷病情,用氣功發放「外氣」治病。任何疑難雜症, 多能不药而癒。我何其有幸,曾屢次接受大師的隔空電話測病和治疗。在最近一次為我头面部意外撞伤施行的远程紧急救治时,大師信息氣功的神奇療效再次展現。