MZI Community Outreach Program

Established as a Qigong guided energy healing, or Qihealing, service center in Fremont, CA since the 90’s, Master Zhao Institute (MZI) is reaching out to the broader San Francisco Bay Area communities to offer its Qihealing service to a selected group of applicants who have a keen interest in learning about alternative healing methods for certain subpar health conditions. The initial target number of qualified applicants is 180.




2021年月1月和2月, MZI一連開了進階二(臨床治療)及從未開過的進階四(遠程治療)課程,將上課的70多位學生的功力提升到他們其中很多人都沒設想的高度。太多的資訊一直到現在學生還在消化體會中。尤其在結業時大師和師母感性的談話及對學員們的鼓勵及教誨,定會在每位學員心中留下永久的記憶。

堅定MZl信念 傳承健康事業


Qigong – My Path to Virtue (2)

The months following the Beginning Qigong class had profoundly given me powers of self healing. My lower spine healed along with my lower back. My character started to look more positively at the world and I distinctively worked out an anger issue I had with my manager at the time and gained their perspective while practicing Qigong. A facet of life to be self caring became a routine thought.