MZI Team

Maiko Lin

Appointment Type: On-site and Remote

Beginning as patient to student to disciple, Maiko Lin has dedicated his life in practicing the teachings of Master Zhao since 2002. With the leadership of Mrs. Sharon Zhao, Maiko will continue to apply the art and knowledge of Informatics Qigong™ and share its unique phenomena with the world. Maiko is born in Taiwan and is raised in California with a background in software engineering. Besides Qigong, his favorite subject is history and industrial design.


Appointment Type: On-site or Remote

As a MZI Qi Gong Practitioner, Chialun has been studying Informatics Qigong® under Master Zhao and Mrs. Sharon Zhao’s guidance and training for over twenty years. He is also the chairman of the MZI Alumni Association – devoted to promoting Qi Gong and the healing effects it can impact upon people.In addition, Chialun utilizes Master Zhao’s Human Informatics Healing technique to help people recover and grow stronger. While not in the MZI office, he works as a Software Engineer at a major high-tech company in Silicon Valley.

Nick Chang

Appointment Type: On-site or Remote

Silicon Valley software engineer from Taiwan. In my spare time, I like to listen to music, hum and sing. In 1999, I studied Informatics Qigong, then graduated from the advanced class in 2001, and completed the advanced I, II, and III training one after another. Internship in MZI, accept the teaching and guidance of Master Zhao and Shimu. I was in poor health in childhood, only really felt the magic of Qigong after meeting Master Zhao. Even more, seeing the effect of Informatics Qigong on many friends and relatives, I set my ambitions in my heart and take the promotion of Informatics Qigong as the first priority. Under the guidance of Master Zhao and Shimu, I will serve patients with love and make patients happy to enjoy!

Richard Liu

Appointment Type: On-site

Richard has relocated from Guangzhou to the Bay Area and worked in the home construction industry since 2002. In October 2011, Richard had the chance to find the book named “Chinese Great Master in the United States” in the library of Fremont, and he was deeply attracted by the content of the book. Richard was fascinated by the miraculous practice of Master Zhao’s Qigong. After one month, he finally got to visit MZI and meet with Master Zhao in person.In January 2012, Richard became one of the many students of Master Zhao’s. He participated in the clinical internship at MZI for more than two years since he graduated from MZI in 2017. Richard uses Qigong techniques to treat hundreds of patients with good results. To serve the community in a better and healthier way is his goal.

Suni Jin

Appointment Type: On-site or Remote

Since 2005, Suni began as a patient and began studying Informatics Qigong at MZI.  She was selected by Master Zhao as his apprentice in 2016. Throughout her over 16 years of practice, Suni has assisted in numerous MZI Advanced Classes and MZI community events as a main task force member. She has more than 700 hours of out-patient practical Informatic Qigong healing experiences.  She completed the Advanced V – Distance Healing Internship course and graduated from MZI in June 2021. 

Suni was born in Taiwan, raised in New York.  Outside of her Qigong practice, Suni is an entrepreneur in international food trade.  Prior, she was a sales and marketing management executive in Asia Pacific & America region at Nestlé S.A. Suni loves to travel and enjoy exploring different cuisines. Suni welcomes you to join her in experiencing the effects of Informatics Qigong healing to promote overall well-being.