My name is Zhao Xue-Zhong, a pioneer in the research of Human Informatics® and application of energy healing. In the past 34 years, I have provided treatments to all kinds of patients, helped them to recover, taught Informatics QiGong to the general public, and trained qualified students to become energy therapists.

My special body constitution and extraordinary abilities have enabled me to discover the essence of human life: integration of human informatics, genetics and bioelectric field in the human body. Through decades of clinical practice, I developed the unique ability to scan the human body and heal patients remotely where distance is no longer a barrier. I pioneered human energy healing methods, established the foundation of Informatics QiGong®: informatics rehabilitation and treatment method, and introduced QiGong, an ancient tradition, into the realm of human science.

Using Informatics QiGong, I have saved many lives, helped countless families to regain health and happiness, and opened a new door in the field of medical science.

My clients and patients include heads of state, military marshals and generals, scientists and artists, industry elites and entrepreneurs, and many civilians. Reports featuring my healing abilities were published in numerous Chinese and international newspapers, magazines and media, such as “People’s Daily”, “Beijing Daily”, “Liberation Army Daily”, “Chinese Youth”, “World Daily”, “TIME”, “China National Radio” and “Beijing Television”.

I intend to use this blog as a platform for sharing stories and experiences about life and health in the journey of Informatics QiGong. By spreading the essence of Informatics QiGong in this platform, I hope to bring forth health and happiness in you and your family.