My Master, My Miracle, My Path

2017 was a dramatic year for me. I had to experience life and death so closely for the first time with my dad. It made me so grateful for what I have in life now: health and happiness.

My eczema is in control

Discovering qigong in my life happened without me looking for it. This is why I consider Master Zhao and informatics qigong to be a blessing. When I first encountered informatics qigong, like any beginner, I was skeptical of its effects and how it could help me live my best possible life.

Evolution of Qi

When I think back to my first experiences with Qigong, I realize an evolution is unfolding. In my mind, the first stage was Healing Qi. Without knowledge but taking an instinctive leap of faith, Master Zhao with kindness healed me. Thereafter my eyes opened to a world of information and energy that continues to unfold.



Open Possibilities by Master

In June last year I attended the beginner class with Master Zhao. I immediately realized that I was being exposed to something entirely new, of a completely different quality than anything else I had experienced before, and in a completely new way.

My Experience with MZI So far

I first learned about Master Zhao from a mention in a book more than a year ago. At the time my health was deteriorating quickly to the point that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue to work.

信息康復功學員練功集錦 《功效篇》


信息康復功學員練功集錦 《現象和感想篇》




MZI 蘇州初級班側記 (11/4 & 11/5)

蘇州向以風景優美著稱,上有天堂,下有蘇杭, 多少文人墨客歌詠讚頌,大師就選擇了這個地靈人傑的獨墅湖畔,回歸故土,開班授課,培養出更多的信息功學生。

Reflection and Hope

By Sharon C. This November I had the pleasure of joining Master Zhao and Shimu at the MZI’s first Informatic Rehabilitation QiGong class in SuZhou, China, facilitating with the registration and books selling. While I was working at the registration desk helping with checking-in and class notes distribution, the hallway was filled with new students’…