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Welcome to the official MZI blog! By having an official MZI blog, we’re hoping to further spread the knowledge of Informatics Qigong to the world. It’s our mission to let more people benefit from Qi healing. New posts will be published regularly. Please either follow our blog site or simply visit the site regularly!



A return to the class

On September 10, MZI has reopened its doors to the classroom for onsite students with its Introductory Qigong class. The return to the classroom

MZI Community Outreach Program

Established as a Qigong guided energy healing (QiHealing) service center in Fremont, CA since the 90’s, Master Zhao Institute (MZI) is reaching out to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area communities to offer its QiHealing service to everyone, including MZI alumni and their friends and family, who has a keen interest in a complementary healing…



謹訂於本年七月十七日上午,在美國加州舊金山灣區Palo Alto市,為我們敬愛的趙大師舉辦追思會。

所有門生故舊已注射完成Covid-19 疫苗者都在歡迎之列。

地點 米切爾公園社區中心 (MPCC) 3700 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303